Take a look at some the wonderful and exciting work our Learning Dreams volunteers are doing. Much of what we do would not be possible without them!

Rachel T. : Neighborhood Educator

Rachel has been a volunteer with Learning Dreams since October 2010, and has worked with her family since January 2011. She is a student at the University of Minnesota studying Communications and Spanish. Rachel has helped support members of the family she works with in learning more about art and learning english. Her positive attitude and dedication to

Martha Z. : Neighborhood Educator

Martha has been a volunteer with Learning Dreams since September 2010. She has been working with her family since October 2010. Martha has been supporting the learning dream of the mom of her family to become a doula throug the DONA certification process. She has also started working on the learnign dreams of the children in her family. Martha has often gone above and beyond her volunteer duties to make sure that the family feels supported and excited about their learning dreams. The mother of the family she works with said, “She has been a blessing in my life.”

Andrea Z. : Neighborhood Educator

Andrea began volunteering with Learning Dreams in February of 2011. She has just finished her training and has started working with her family within the last few weeks. Currently she is working on doing community mapping and connecting for the mom of the family she is partnered with. Andrea’s enthusiasm for Learning Dreams and genuine and thoughtful personality are some of the reasons why she is a wonderful Neighborhood Educator.