At Learning Dreams we recognize that a lot of our success is due to the hard work and passion of our volunteers. We’d like to use the next few weeks to highlight some of our volunteers, and the fantastic work that they do!

Mandy M. – Community Connector
Mandy began volunteering with Learning Dreams in early February. Currently she is training to do Community Connector work she hopes to become a Neighborhood Educator and work with a family at the start of summer.

Sara A.- Family Visitor
Sara began volunteering with Learning Dreams in October of 2010. She has been working with the Ramierez family for the past five months, and has helped connect them to English classes, baking classes, and swimming classes.  Sara says about her experience with Learning Dreams, “I enjoy being involved in with the community through Learning Dreams not only because it I have been able to make a personal connection with a family in the community but also I get to use my spanish. It has been great to get to know my family closer and to see all of the great opportunities in the community.”

Caitlin C.- Community Teacher
Caitlin is a volunteer with Learning Dreams through the U of M service learning program for the Spring semester of 2011. Caitlin plans and facilitates a youth activity group every Thursday for the children of the mothers in Learning Dreams ESL group. She also helps with school outreach activities.