Once again we would like to acknowledge the great work that our Learning Dreams volunteers do with our families and in our communities!

Matt S. (Left) and Erin B. (Right) – Neighborhood Educators

Matt and Erin have been volunteering with us since October 2010.  They work as partners, helping to encourage and inspire the members of the Felix family to pursue their learning dreams. Both became interested in working with learning dreams because they speak spanish and wanted to become more involved in the spanish speaking community of the twin cities. Their dedication to their family and commitment to Learning Dreams really shows through in all of the work they do for their family.


Joe T. – Family Visitor

Joe is an Math Corps member on the West side of St. Paul, and became a volunteer in January 2011 after hearing about the program. He works one-on-one every week with Learning Dreams participant Drew to find new ways to engage him in his learning dreams. Some of the things he has done with Drew is watch Planet Earth, play math card games, go to SeaLife, and make smoothies. Each week Drew is excited to hang out with Joe and see what new and fun things they will do together.