Learning Dreams is proud to announce a new partnership with Cherokee Heights Elementary School in St. Paul’s West side.

The school, which currently serves 405 students in Pre-K through 6th grade, is using Learning Dream’s innovative initiatives to get parents and students more involved in learning endeavors in their own community. The gracious grants of the Saint Paul Foundation, the F.R. Bigelow Foundation, and the Mardag Foundation will be supporting the Learning Dreams project in St. Paul.

Learning Dreams is a community-based learning program based at the University of MinnesotaSt. Paul Public Schools believes that a partnership with Learning Dreams can dramatically enhance parent involvement, significantly boost parent and student participation in learning and therefore lead to improved student outcomes

Working with families in their homes and communities, Learning Dreams volunteers support the learning dreams of the parents, who are then able to create a stronger foundation for learning inside their homes. We then work with their children to help them achieve their educational dreams as well. From learning to cook, to karate, and sewing, participants are able to choose to follow their dreams through the Learning Dreams program.

“You have to reflect on that inner child and say ‘what do I really want to learn?’ ” Denise Jarrett, a Learning Dreams participant said.

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